The Footsteps / About The Band

Shlomo Abramson and Udi Wertzberger founded the band “The Footsteps – Haakevot” six years ago with the release of their first Album titled “Lech Lecha”

Despite no performances then due to their induction into the IDF, there was a buzz about this new style album full of refreshing original Jewish music, a combination of Rock with quiet melodies, Biblical text side by side with original lyrics. The buzz spread rapidly and the album was being sought out and sold very successfully.

The Footsteps had made their mark within the Jewish music arena as accomplished, talented and professional musicians with a sensitive and quality sound.

Today, six years later, they have just released their second album called “Dreams” which includes their own original material which had been written over the years, dealing with a sense of searching, love and hope.


Shlomo Abramson – Vocals and Acoustic guitar

Udi Wertzberger – Vocals and Electric guitar

Israel Felix – Electric guitar

Mati Shriki – Keyboards and background vocals

Shmuel Chiott – Drums

Asher Serling- Bass

The CD was produced by veteran Jerusalem producer – Amit Golan and recorded in his new studio- Supersonic Studio.

The band strongly believe that this new CD will forge a path and is suitable for all audiences, religious and secular. The Footsteps are unique within the genre of religious composers.

The new music is melodious rock influenced by UK/USA bands such as Coldplay, U2, The Killers etc.