Music Projects / Later On – Project Hagesher

Shlomo Abramson and George Freudenstein met for the first time about 25 years ago, as George and Shlomo and their respective families were starting their lives together in Jerusalem, Israel (Shlomo was 2).

In the years that elapsed since that first meeting, George composed many songs.  After hearing Shlomo’s work with The Footsteps, George decided that Shlomo brought the perfect sound to give voice to the music that had been accumulating in his head over all the years. Sometime after that, they agreed to get together and produce an album of a representative selection of George’s music. And so, “Project HaGeSHer: Later On”, a collaborative project between George and Shlomo, was created.

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  1. Im Eshkachech
  2. ilu Finu
  3. Mimkomcha